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I just wanted to create a site for my upcoming course that a was easy to use, b looked like my brand and c allowed students to login under their own account. I tried sites like Teachable and Teachery. But they took people off of my site and I found myself coming up with creative workarounds to customize the look and function of my course on their sites. I know how to customize it and keep all of the graphics consistent with my brand.

I needed to find a third-party site that would allow me to protect my course pages and create individual logins for each one of my students. From there, I had a blank canvas to start creating the landing page for my new course, Freelance Academy. I branded the course ahead of time and designed the logo, headers and other visuals in Adobe Illustrator, so they were all set and ready to go.

But instead of creating a long horizontal header image, I kept the logo in a square format and added 2 spacers on either side so the logo would appear large in mobile view. Pretty nifty. Line blocks are a great way to subtly divide content, so I used them to separate the different sections of my course landing page. I also put some consideration into which information needed to be seen first when students landed on the course page.

Course announcements and updates needed to be front and center, so I added an image block with a headshot of myself to make the course a little more human and personable and dragged a text block beside it to keep students posted on the latest information. Below that, I created a timeline image in Illustrator and added it to an image block so students can keep up with exactly where we are in the course at any given time.

I do have to update the timeline image every time a new module goes live which is every 2 weeksbut it takes me less than a minute to open the Illustrator file, make edits and upload a new timeline image to the site.

You could also use a gallery block to do this but again, I wanted the module graphics to appear large in mobile view whereas a gallery block would still feature the images side-by-side, making them smaller and making the text hard to read. My goal for this landing page was to showcase the most important information and help students navigate the site.

Not only do I have main menus for other courses, but this custom URL will come in handy when I connect a third-party site to secure the page in just a few steps Once the landing page was ready to go, I needed to set up the other interior pages for my membership site.

To organize the new pages, I created a folder in the Not Linked section of the site navigation and added a new blank page for each interior page. It just so happens that my Squarespace template, Haydenautomatically creates a navigation menu for all of the pages included in a folder, which is perfect for helping students easily maneuver around the site.

I would love to take all the credit for figuring that out ahead of time, but it turned out to be a happy surprise.

I named the folder Quick Jump in the page settings, added a link to the Main Menuand my interior page navigation was ready to go. You can also add links to external pages in the folder, like Facebook groups, so they appear in the course navigation menu. Then I went back through and set up each interior page using image blocks, text blocks, and video blocks.

Click the arrows above to take a look at some of the full page layouts for Freelance Academy. Just like I did with the landing page, I went back through and assigned custom URLs to each of the interior pages.

So for example:. Because once all of the interior page URLs were set up, I revisited the course landing page and linked all of the modules, webinars and other buttons to the new interior pages. Sidenote: Squarespace makes it really easy for you to link to interior pages. Instead of tracking down each individual URL for the pages on your site and entering it under the External tab, click Content and find the page you want to link to.

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After researching third-party membership options for Squarespace for months, I kept coming up empty-handed. Everything I found seemed to either be too complicated or poorly designed. And then I found MemberSpace. To connect it to my site, I signed up under the Growth Plan and logged into my new account. I also set up two different payment plans under the Member Plans tab to test it out, but I ended up using Gumroad for course enrollment.

MemberSpace allows me to protect my new e-course by creating individual logins for my students and keep my course on my business's home base -my website. I couldn't be happier with how easy it was to integrate Squarespace and MemberSpace. While MemberSpace allows you to set up Member Plans and charge for access to your membership pages, I chose to use Gumroad for student enrollment for a couple reasons.

First, I had already set up pre-orders on Gumroad ahead of the official Freelance Academy course launch.Our client requires that their site has two logos in the header different imagesone in the top left, and the other in the top right. I did similar problem for a member on forum months ago You can tag me tuanphan or send to my email. With paid support, see here. Hi tuanphan, I actually did see your response to another member's similar post; however, I didn't see a step-by-step solution, so I thought I would post my own question.

I don't remember replying at the forum or forum message.

squarespace client logos

But for that member's site, I inserted the image at the end of the Navigation. We're currently testing on the Mojave and Camino templates. When I hover over the navigation and click "Edit" it just opens up the navigation in the side panel. I can't actually "insert" anything. Am I misunderstanding? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Squarespace Logo Coding and Customization. Posted January 7. Hello, Our client requires that their site has two logos in the header different imagesone in the top left, and the other in the top right. Is there any way, within Squarespace or through programming, that this could be done?

Share this post Link to post. Recommended Posts. Posted January 7 edited. Need site url to take a look. Edited January 7 by tuanphan. Depending your site. Go To Question Listing.

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Sign In Sign Up.A companion to Building Business Websites with Squarespace 7. You may not realise that you can adapt the standard Squarespace page and item types to a number of different purposes. For example, you could use a Blog page as a job listing board. Or, you could use a Gallery as a visual way to showcase your downloadable PDF whitepapers. In this section of the site, you will find some practical examples of the different ways that you can adapt Squarespace functionality to meet your specific business needs.

Check out the subpages in this section for some ideas, or read on to see examples on real-life websites I'll be adding new examples soon. Amanda wanted to showcase a list of her past clients in a visual way, but not make a big deal about them. Because she had a lot of clients in a wide range of business areas, there were a lot of logos to show. The solution we came up with was to use a Gallery Block set to Slider Display. We put this at the bottom of her Testimonials pages so people could flick through the client list if they wanted to see the breadth of her work.

Dana wanted to highlight the best of her written articles in a visual way, and ensure that visitors could easily flick through samples of her work to quickly get an idea of the types of content she writes. She wanted to make it easy for people to scan through and then download the full article if they wanted to read more in depth.

We used the standard Gallery Page that comes with the Forte template large, full-screen horizontal slider with some custom CSS adjustments by yours truly. We decided on a 3-column grid of client logos with plenty of clean white space which display the testimonial when you hover.

squarespace client logos

The page is a normal Squarespace content page, with a bunch of individual Image Blocks set up in 3 columns. Using Pixlr or Photoshop or image program of your choice, make white square images with the logos sitting nicely in the middle. Jeroen wanted to make his company's case studies really stand out by using strong imagery and a simple, easy to digest format for the text.

The result is that all case studies within a category of work can be easily scanned through, and they all look stylistically uniform. It's done in the same way as adding any Index page, but we used a little custom CSS to style the Page Title and Description text that floats over the images. It's worth having a browse around the site as you can see lots of use of the Index Page. If so, drop me a line to let me know - your feedback is really important to me. This is a sidebar. It is a skinny column of content that you can put on certain pages of your site.

squarespace client logos

Some templates allow you to put a sidebar anywhere; others only allow it on your blog. This site is a companion to the new book, Building Business Websites with Squarespace 7.

Find out how you can buy the book. Miko Coffey is a freelance web consultant with over 17 years' professional experience with websites and online marketing. Get the book for loads of step-by-step instructions and practical advice for business users of Squarespace. Leave feedback about this website or contact Miko about working together.

Terms and conditions of this website, including info about privacy and cookies. Square Help. Get the Book About the Author. Find inspiration and get ideas on how to use Squarespace for your own site You may not realise that you can adapt the standard Squarespace page and item types to a number of different purposes.Not only is it easy to customize, easy to use, and easy on the eyes, but it makes the client process so simple for designers who use it to create client sites.

And for those of you who are considering trying your hand at offering Squarespace site design in the future, I hope this post convinces you to take the leap and try it out. Squarespace offers a day free trial to anyone interested in creating a site on their platform, which is helpful from a designer perspective because it allows me to create a website draft without my client having to purchase anything at the outset.

And because my client process is only 2 weeks longthe trial period suits the timeline perfectly. Squarespace allows you to see all of the sites you have access to at a glance, too, and you can access them by clicking on your profile image at the bottom of the main menu. And for the clients who are transferring over to Squarespace from other platforms like Wordpress or Blogger, trial sites allow me to demonstrate what Squarespace is capable of before they make the switch.

I usually have a template in mind from the very start, based on the information my client has provided in their client homework. While Squarespace allows you to switch templates at any time, I try to choose a great option from the outset to save time and more importantly, save the design.

Instead, I jump right into the design. I do, however, map out a wireframe beforehand - based on the information my client provides in their client homework - to work through how the site will function. I list the pages, determine which ones will be included in the main navigation and which will be unlinked, and come up with calls to action on each one to create a flow for users moving through the site.

I delete all of the sample pages included in the original template and add in the content my clients have given me beforehand for each page. In the client homework, I also ask my clients to create folders either in Google Drive or in Dropbox for the content they want me to include on their website.

Within the large folder, I have them create subfolders for each individual page and ask them to label the folders accordingly about, services, contact, etc. Within each subfolder they can upload images and text files. Not only does this make things easier on my end, but it helps my clients organize the information on their end, too.

Once I get to a good stopping place on the design, I give my clients a preview by sending them a link to the trial site. Squarespace automatically gives each trial site a unique Squarespace URL, but I prefer to customize the Squarespace domain to make it a little easier to remember. After I receive feedback from my client, I continue to make revisions and tweaks until they approve the final design.

After they create a Squarespace account, they can login to the backend of their site to upgrade it from a trial site to a paid site and set up the billing information.

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If my client already has a Squarespace site, I ask them to add me as an administrator following the same directions above so I can implement the new design on their preexisting site. For the clients making the switch from Wordpress, I offer to transfer their existing blog posts into Squarespace and reroute their domain for them.

If they opt to have me help them with the transfer, I ask my clients for their login information for their hosting platform and domain provider and transfer the blog content before rerouting the domain.Squarespace Forum is an online community for Squarespace users and professionals to discuss best practices and seek advice.

The easiest way to manage appointments. Already have a Squarespace website? New to Squarespace? With Squarespace Scheduling, clients can quickly view your availability and book their own appointments or classes. They can even pay online and reschedule with a click. Share your available hours and let clients book and reschedule appointments. Get notified when a new appointment is booked and sync upcoming appointments with the calendar you already use, like Google, Outlook, iCloud, or Office Automate and customize appointment confirmations, reminders, follow-ups, and intake forms to keep clients prompt and client information organized.

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Automatically update the calendars you already use, like Google, Outlook, iCloud, or Office Integrate with a payment processor to easily charge clients before or after appointments.

Automatically send branded and customized confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups. Style everything to match the existing look and feel of your business. Upsell your clients by adding more ways to book.

Available on select plans. Learn about new clients or familiarize yourself with returning clients with custom intake forms. Plans that fit the scheduling needs of solo entrepreneurs, large teams, and businesses with multiple locations. Prices do not include applicable taxes.

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An active Squarespace website is required to purchase Scheduling. Do I need a Squarespace website to use Scheduling?

Squarespace Scheduling is a paid product—an active Squarespace website is required to purchase Scheduling. All Squarespace websites have access to a free day Scheduling trial. Is this the same as Acuity Scheduling? Scheduling is an Acuity product designed for Squarespace, although it has the same features as Acuity Scheduling. Using Scheduling through Squarespace is the best solution if you already have a Squarespace site and want to use all the features of Acuity Scheduling within your site.However that does not mean that integrating one into your website is impossible.

Client Galleries in Squarespace

Because it's not. This article will guide you through the steps to fully integrate a third-party client proofing gallery into your website, and make it appear as though it's built right in to your website seamlessly.

I will be showing you how to do this with ShootProof. It's free, is simple to use and has all the features the majority of photographers will need. You can pay for it and gain extra features, but the free version is perfect for most uses. Create a new colour set and call it Website. If your website is predominantly white, set a Light theme, if your website is predominantly black, set a Dark theme. Choose a font set that closely resembles the fonts of your website.

Set the Primary colour to whichever colour is the most prominent on your website. And the secondary colour to something simple, like Grey for example.

Use the eraser tool to erase the background so you have an empty picture. Save this as a transparent PNG file and upload that file to the Logos section. This allows you to hide the default text that ShootProof uses. Alternatively, you could just upload your logo there, if it looks good on your website. Once that's done, click Save. On the right-hand side, make sure everything else remains blank.

20 super duper awesome Squarespace hacks

Now let's create our first client. This can either be a real client or a test one. With the gallery name, I'll use "Client: Tutorial" as an example. My real clients have a 4 digit number assigned to them rather than their name.

That way I can keep who my clients are private, as every client gallery will be visible to everyone else on my website, albeit secured by a password known only to the client. Once that has been created, don't add any photos just yet. Head straight into Settings. Next you can set the client's name in my case it's clienttutorial into the Custom Link.

This will be the password your client uses to log in to their gallery. With the other options, I leave them blank. I just keep things nice and simple. I don't allow clients to download, crop, make black and white or purchase prints here. Now add your photos.

How to Set Up Customer Accounts - Squarespace Tutorial (ft. Will Paterson)

Next to the client name in the top left, you'll see the header image for the gallery. If you click on it you'll be able to set an image for this gallery. I use a simple Padlock image that I've created that you can download for free here to use. Of course, you can make it whatever you want. I use this image as it is generic and keeps the client landing page on my website clean and tidy. Copy that embed code then head over to your Squarespace website.

Create a new page and give it a name I've named mine Clients. The width of my site is Asked by JustWyoming. I prefer them not to be visible on the main site to regular traffic.

I prefer keeping a proofing gallery 'unlinked' rather than password protected. Just share the url with your client and nobody else can navigate to it since it's not linked in your navigation.

If you are local to your clients, you can sync that gallery with the Portfolio app and review them together and even email the selections right to your client inside the app. At this point you are ready to share with your client, by either sharing the URL with the client or hyperlinking the password protected page from your index.

I could really use this feature too. The steps above are great but only get you so far, I'd like for a client to be able to interact and like or heart an image. I've been using Pixieset as a temporary workaround but I don't want to spend even more money just to get all the features of Pixieset when I already have a squarespace account.

Due to these lack of basic necessities, I'm thinking of ending my Squarespace subscription and moving to Format. Currently my clients have to write down every image and email me a list - not ideal. I created galleries in password protected pages, easy enough. I can't figure a way to have it displayed otherwise, and without it, how will they tell me which one they want?

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I don't want to type it in for wedding image galleries, for sure! One product block for each item, Prints, Canvas, etc. Each item can be added to the cart, ideally, and they can select the size, quantity, etc. Half of my products are giving me errors when I test it. Also, if i want them to be downloaded, i have to add a product for each image, or all images at once? I gave up and sent them a link to my google drive. I agree. I would like to have this feature added as well. Seems like given all the other improvements, it not would be that difficult to add this.

You can password protect a page and give the password to the client. That's probably the only way right now. The best third party solution IMO is pixieset because of its ability to hook in custom domains. The only downside is the inability to customise the look and feel but the big upside is. I was trying Squarespace for my website. I need my clients to be able t favorite and download images and also buy images.

squarespace client logos

Trying that out now and pretty happy with the way things are shaping up. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Squarespace Scheduling

Squarespace Logo Coding and Customization. Home Coding and Customization Does Squarespace offer client proofing galleries for photographers? Search In. Does Squarespace offer client proofing galleries for photographers? Asked by JustWyoming photographers photography galleries. Posted June 29, edited. I'm looking at the Flatiron template and am so far impressed with all the functionality. Is there an app or way to use this kind of functionality in Squarespace?

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